Yes, I know, moon festival was like 3-4 months ago, I’ve only just realised that I haven’t uploaded these!

Traditionally mooncakes are bigger than the size of the palm, and you can usually see a yolk in the middle of it, and it’s extremely sweet and oily. Well I don’t like that, I am sure some of you are like me, too, and I don’t even like the yolk, so why not make my own version of it?

I suppose the mold I used isn’t traditional, I mean, Mickey mouse and Snoopy, I don’t think they’ve ever seen the great wall of China (but then again, neither have I) that’s not the point, let’s get to the point, which is the picture below:

Sorry for the bad photography, but you get the point. Here’s the inside, except it was taken from another batch which didn’t use these pretty molds:

The left one is lotus filling, and the right is the red bean filling.

For those who dislike the oily type, an “ice skin mooncake” was born a few decades ago, and it looks like this:

Although I must face the facts, I haven’t perfected it yet, so right now it doesn’t like to leave the freezer for too long, boohoo! But nonetheless, it tastes really good, mainly because I love the filling (mung-bean) and I can proudly say I made the filling myself, too!

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I'm a piano teacher who also loves dancing and BAKING! I generally bake to experiment and to improve. If you're interested in my baking, welcome to place an order, drop me a line! Challenge me! View all posts by cabnolen

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