Music Cupcakes

It has been a while since my last post! (Isn’t it always the case!)

Since then I had been busying with end-of-term businesses at the school, as well as being newly engaged I was excitedly planning my still-a-while-to-go wedding!

Anyway, my flatmate (also a music teacher) was having a house concert nearing the end of the term, and asked if I could make her some music-themed cupcakes for the kids. She asked for a basic chocolate cupcake, and here’s what I came up with! I thought these were cute 😛


About cabnolen

I'm a piano teacher who also loves dancing and BAKING! I generally bake to experiment and to improve. If you're interested in my baking, welcome to place an order, drop me a line! Challenge me! View all posts by cabnolen

2 responses to “Music Cupcakes

  • Grace

    Hey there! Awesome cupcakes, they look amazing! I have a similar event quickly approaching and I really love the idea of having a treble clef on top of the cupcakes… If I may ask, did you make the treble clefs on top? Or are they plastic/store bought? If you did make them would you mind telling me how? It would be most appreciated!

    Grace xx

  • cabnolen

    Hi Grace, yes, I made the treble clefs with melted chocolate, basically just melt them, put them in a piping bag and snip the end of the bag off with a tiny hole and pipe out patterns you like. Ideally dark chocolate as they harden better. Hope that helps!


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