Taiwanese Mooncake

This is the traditional Taiwanese Mooncake.

Much lower in fat and sugar, personally I like this option better!

The pastry is super flaky, and the filling is mung bean paste with pork mince (yes, that’s right!). This is a very traditional Taiwanese flavour, a combination of sweet and savoury, and compliments each other surprisingly well.

The red dots on the top is just something that’s always added to the top of most pastry, as red is a lucky colour, and white is not – this way the white pastry is better with some red!

The actual Chinese name translates to Mung Bean Pop – which came from the fact that before going into the oven, you indent the centre of the cake and when baked, it pops up, to become rounded!


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I'm a piano teacher who also loves dancing and BAKING! I generally bake to experiment and to improve. If you're interested in my baking, welcome to place an order, drop me a line! Challenge me! View all posts by cabnolen

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