Busy Labour Weekend! – Blue & White China cupcakes

So all of a sudden I ended up with 3 cake orders in one weekend!

This was an order placed by my flatmate/friend Megan who’s a bridesmaid for her friend’s wedding, and they were to host a lovely afternoon tea for the bride (what an elegant idea!)

The bride requested “small and dainty“, and if it can be a red velvet cake it’d be a bonus.

Of course, the theme of the party itself is blue & white china, and how could I pass up the idea (my favourite colour IS blue afterall!)

I toyed around with ideas, as I don’t want it to be too busy and overwhelm the decoration of the plates itself.

These cupcakes were inspired by those Victorian ladies in pinafore, spending an afternoon in the garden, surrounded by daisies and just sipping tea. (what a nice thought)

As for the cake itself, this is my first attempt at red velvet. Honestly I can’t really taste why it’s so special, except it’s light and fluffy (but so are chiffon and sponge cakes) and has no particular flavour that jumped out at me. The creamcheese buttercream, well, they also go on carrot cakes and carrot cakes have so much more substance!

Anyway, I also found these Robert Gordon cups which I really liked the look of but turned out to be pretty awful cupcake cups.

They were poor quality, thin (they do stand on their own, however) and unless the cake itself has absolutely no oil nor butter, the grease seeps through and ruins the pattern of the cups anyway.

I bought 2 packs from Moore Wilson, each pack says there are 50. The first pack I realised there were only 42, and the second pack, oh dear, don’t even mention it! About 10 of them were glued together, that when I tried to pull them apart they just tore. The base came out, there were holes everywhere, just absolutely awful quality!

I ended up using these for cupcake wrapper instead, and used my good solid cupcake liner to bake the red velvet cake in. The size wasn’t correct and I ended up having to cut out the base of these Robert Gordon cups and then re-glue the sides to make it like wrappers. Yes, the result was great, only after all I’ve done, and it’s not worth it. Would not buy them again! (Moore Wilson was great though, when I went to tell them the problem and they promptly refunded me – although I’d prefer they do more than this and actually make a formal complaint to Robert Gordon)

So after all that, here they are! The flowers are made of sugarpaste.

And this was taken by Megan, at the party itself. Isn’t it beautiful? I’m very happy with the result!


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I'm a piano teacher who also loves dancing and BAKING! I generally bake to experiment and to improve. If you're interested in my baking, welcome to place an order, drop me a line! Challenge me! View all posts by cabnolen

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