Philippine chocolate brownie cake

Our ex flatmate Gaetan got in contact with me, asking if I could make a cake for his Filipino girlfriend. When I asked him what flavour he wanted, he couldn’t decide for a while, but ended up going with chocolate brownie as it’s her favourite flavour! (I think chocolate is many girls’ favourite!)

They were to bring the cake to the restaurant to share with friends after dinner, so he came to pick up the cake just before their night out.

This was an interesting one, I would have made a rectangular cake actually, but as he sent me a photo of the flag on a round cake, I was under the impression that he wanted a round cake (correct me if I was wrong?) so here you go! A rectangular flag on a round cake! How about that!

Honestly I was very surprised how red the icing turned out, I suppose the camera did some magic too!



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I'm a piano teacher who also loves dancing and BAKING! I generally bake to experiment and to improve. If you're interested in my baking, welcome to place an order, drop me a line! Challenge me! View all posts by cabnolen

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