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SPCA Chocolate Banana cupcakes

This order came through Trademe. They asked for 12 cupcakes, and said they didn’t really mind whatever flavour, whatever colour, they just wanted 12 of them.

I was a little surprised to hear, usually people would be a bit more particular about what type of cakes they want! I later found out it is to be used to fund-raise for SPCA, so I went to work!

I decided 12 wasn’t really enough, so ended up making 18 of these, and as I haven’t made banana cakes for a while, I went with chocolate-banana cupcakes and topped with yellow icing, as for a hint of our cute paw friends, I piped some chocolate footprints on them, so cute!


Blue mini chocolate cupcakes

Shock and horror, I seem to go through phases when I completely forget to update this blog, then I remember again.

I have been otherwise maintaining my Facebook page well though! It’s always updated with the newest creations, hence the pinned post on the top of this blog.

However, it’s time to redeem myself, here’s one of the 2015 creations – yes, it’s been that long, I’ve just made Tony’s son’s birthday cake for 2016 and below were for 2015, the shame!!

So anyway, following Tony’s order for his kids (the Pocoyo one), this was actually his last order for the boys in 2015 where he asked for 42 mini cupcakes for the childcare centre to celebrate his son’s birthday. Blue buttercream icing with sprinkles did the trick, don’t they look pretty?


100 Lemon cupcakes for a Christchurch Wedding

A good friend of mine, Koid, was getting married in Christchurch a while ago, and I offered to make these cupcakes for her. She used these cupcakes as favours. The wedding reception was a beautiful Victorian Morning Tea, and the cupcakes were, I thought, fitting for the theme 🙂

The bride’s best friend’s father, who happened to be my husband’s ex-colleague, raved about my lemon cake that I made for his birthday a couple of years ago, that when I asked her what flavour she’d like, she immediately said “That lemon cake you made for Neil!”

She asked for a very simple, white icing with minimal decoration, and with a very gourmet home-made feeling to the packaging, the cupcakes were born!

As the wedding was down in Christchurch, I flew down the day before the wedding and spent a good 11 hours making these cupcakes (all worth it!) brought them to the reception venue the night before where all her friends and families were there helping set up the place, everyone did an amazing job, look at this place!


Look, there’s my cupcake sitting next to every set of pretty cups!

Here’s a closer look:


The swirl on the top was a rosette, with a sprinkle of white pearls to finish off. These cupcakes were well received, a happy wedding and a beautiful future to you and your husband, Koid!

Tiger Vanilla Pound Cake

How time flies! The first time I made a cake for Victor was when he was turning 2, and he ordered the lightning McQueen cake, this time he wanted a Tiger cake!

Since they’re loyal customers, I thought I’d throw in some mini cupcakes on the side.

They provided me with a picture of the tiger they wanted on the cake, and just asked for a plain vanilla pound cake. It didn’t turn out like what I thought, but then when the tiger was coloured, I thought the black/orange thing would be a good mixture for the border, then I had more of them left and ended up decorating the mini cupcakes with these 2 icings – it turned into some Halloween themed cupcakes! (but not scary, unless you think the tiger is considered scary?)

So here’s the 7″ round cake with the mini cupcakes!



Floral cake + cupcakes combo

I was doing my grocery shopping when my phone rang. I was quite surprised as the caller was from Australia, but answered it anyway. Turned out this woman found me online and as her mother lives in Wellington and was turning 90, she was hoping to order a floral cake with matching cupcakes to celebrate, and she won’t be arriving in Wellington until the night before.

As her mother and her father are of old age, I delivered the cakes to their residence the night before their celebration.

She asked for a plain vanilla cake done in a floral style, “With lots of light pink flowers, something suitable for a 90-year-old lady”, so I played around a little with pink, and she did say I can add other colours other than pink, and came up with this.

They were pretty happy when the received the cakes, so just waiting to hear back from them 🙂




It’s a girl!

No,  I have not abandoned this site, it’s just that I thought I had the latest cakes posted already but turns out I am a few posts behind!

So here’s to an order for a baby shower by the mum-to-be’s good friend.

She asked for 20 baby shower cakes in double cups, 10 red velvet, 5 chocolate and 5 vanilla, in the theme of yellow and pink.

I looked everywhere online, most of the cupcakes have babies on them, or baby shoes, but I don’t want to make baby shoes! Was feeling inventive and lazy at the same time, I thought about foot prints. Never tried footprints with buttercream before, I thought to try the flat tip + tiny dot tips, and was very impressed with how it turned out with my first try!

The ladies loved them 🙂



Red Velvet cupcakes duo

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the little girl’s father, Ken, to make 12 rosette cupcakes and 12 blue & white china cupcakes like my previous works, for his daughter’s 1st month celebration.

1st month celebration is very big in Chinese society. A friend asked me if we celebrate every single month for the first year of the baby’s life and the answer is of course NO, just the first month is a special, precious time.

It is usually celebrated by the grandparents giving the baby pure gold chains (if a boy) or pure silver chains (if a girl) to wear on their wrists and ankles, and they wear a red string of walnut cookies in the shape of donuts around their neck to “gather in the saliva” (so babies would stop drooling once they get past this stage).

Close relatives would get together and celebrate this special occasion, “oil rice” would be enjoyed and taken home or gifted to other friends and families.

Anyway, long story short, my part in this celebration was to provide these cupcakes 🙂

Ken later changed his order to 24 each, so I ended up making 48 of these.

The cake itself is red velvet, and of course the icing is cream cheese buttercream (what red velvet would be complete without cream cheese?)

So here they are!



Ken’s feedback was on TradeMe so it was a short and sweet:

Absolutely great trader!

Cupcakes were amazing.

Highly recommended A+++ 

Sounds good to me 🙂

Wedding cupcakes – brown and metallic theme

My first official wedding order! Very excited!

The bride contacted me via e-mail a month before her wedding, and asked for 50 mini cupcakes, half chocolate brownie with vanilla icing and the other half vanilla with chocolate icing, both topped with the silver star similar to my previous star cupcakes.

Her wedding theme was brown with metallic elements, so she wanted the stars to be silver, and I myself added the idea of getting the silver cups.

Now these silver cups I ordered on TradeMe, and I must say I had no idea 0.5cm would make a difference but it did! Look how cute they are! I mean, I made the mini cupcakes before (but the cups were purchased from Moore Wilson’s) and they were 3.5cm diameter at the base, these ones are 3cm.

This is how small they are in my already-very-small hand!


Eeeekk! Such an adorable size!

And here they are in their entire glory 🙂



However I’m still waiting to hear back from the bride/groom as to how they went – I am assuming they are now blissfully whisked away somewhere honeymooning 🙂

Belated Valentine’s Cupcakes

Yes, it happened more than a month ago, but it’s never too late!

Tessa contacted me via my Facebook Fan Page a few days before Valentine’s to ask if I could make 6 cupcakes for her beloved, and delivered.
She wanted 3 of them to look like the love cupcakes I made last year, and the other 3 saying “I love you” respectively.
This sounded like fun! And of course, who can say no to a box of cupcakes 🙂

So off I went, and also I made a little card to go with the delivery.
Let’s just say the boyfriend was stoked and his colleagues were very envious!

Here’s what she said:

Thanks so much Cabnolen, he loved them!!!

They looked amazing and exactly how i wanted them!

Thank you soo much!

Yay 🙂


Blue stars mini cupcakes – Labour Weekend instalment 3

So here’s my 3rd project of the Labour weekend!

This was an order from Tony who also ordered the Lightning McQueen cake. He picked up the cake on Sunday and this was to be delivered on Tuesday for Victor’s playcentre friends/classmates to share (lucky kids!)

He was not very fussed as to what kind of cake it would be. All he requested was 35 mini cupcakes in a popular flavour (which we later decided vanilla would be the easiest to please all) and in some sort of a boy colour.

Blue and yellow came into mind for a boy colour, and since I was making the little flowers for the Blue & White China mini cupcakes, I also made these pretty blue stars (painted with metallic shimmer) and thought it’d be a cute design.

The feedback was good, the kids enjoyed it, both the taste and the design! Score 🙂

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