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SPCA Chocolate Banana cupcakes

This order came through Trademe. They asked for 12 cupcakes, and said they didn’t really mind whatever flavour, whatever colour, they just wanted 12 of them.

I was a little surprised to hear, usually people would be a bit more particular about what type of cakes they want! I later found out it is to be used to fund-raise for SPCA, so I went to work!

I decided 12 wasn’t really enough, so ended up making 18 of these, and as I haven’t made banana cakes for a while, I went with chocolate-banana cupcakes and topped with yellow icing, as for a hint of our cute paw friends, I piped some chocolate footprints on them, so cute!


Gluten free minecraft cat cake

This was a TradeMe order, the birthday boy really loves this minecraft black/white cat, and wondered if I could put it on the cake!

The cake was made gluten free, vanilla flavour with buttercream filling and topping, the cat was interesting, very simple yet I had to incoperate 3 shades of grey and black to create this image. Maybe I could have made it bigger but the tail took up more space than I had imagined, so had to shrink the kitty!

Simple red and pink chocolate cake for Pauline’s birthday

Friends of ours got in touch a while back for their mother Pauline’s birthday. Having had my dessert at their daughter’s wedding, she asked for a 9 inch chocolate cake, and her favourite colours are red and pink.

She didn’t want anything too fancy, but she liked simple flowers, so here it is!

The cake was filled with vanilla buttercream, and it was enjoyed among friends and family, just like a birthday should!


Tiger Vanilla Pound Cake

How time flies! The first time I made a cake for Victor was when he was turning 2, and he ordered the lightning McQueen cake, this time he wanted a Tiger cake!

Since they’re loyal customers, I thought I’d throw in some mini cupcakes on the side.

They provided me with a picture of the tiger they wanted on the cake, and just asked for a plain vanilla pound cake. It didn’t turn out like what I thought, but then when the tiger was coloured, I thought the black/orange thing would be a good mixture for the border, then I had more of them left and ended up decorating the mini cupcakes with these 2 icings – it turned into some Halloween themed cupcakes! (but not scary, unless you think the tiger is considered scary?)

So here’s the 7″ round cake with the mini cupcakes!



NZ v.s. Australia Chocolate Cake

This is a bit more recently, made for my partner’s wonderfully amazing and supportive (and ridiculously hard-working!) section manager, who was off to Australia to do bigger things!

Having met and chat with him on several occasions, also with my partner constantly telling me what Duncan has done this time (I promise it’s all good things!) I thought the least I could do was make him a big-ass farewell cake for his leaving party at work on Thursday.

I suppose I could make it even bigger, but he did say there will probably be around 3 to 30 people, and it will be brought into work, so I thought 12-inch x 16-inch is big enough, surely?

Since he’s leaving NZ to Australia, we thought it’d be funny to be geographically incorrect 😛

It would typically serve 60-80 people, but I am proud to say that this cake was gone in 12 hours with 30 people! (there was about 2/5 left in the fridge from Thursday evening and by Friday evening it slowly chipped away until it was all gone)

Do you get the joke? 🙂


I’ve had the idea of making cookie-pops for AGES, but never got around to doing it.

Finally, here they are! Decorated with royal icing, although next time I won’t even bother dyeing the cookies in all sorts of colours when I’m going to ice over them anyway…

Apologies, the last photo is a bit yellow (it was no longer sunlight)


They can be yours at the Frank Kitt Underground Market at Wellington on Saturdays between 10am-4pm if you’re quick! 1/3 of them have already been snatched up!

duck cupcakes

After the success of the sheep cupcakes, I thought I’d attempt a different animal with buttercream.

My original idea was to make a duck cupcake, however I wouldn’t get upset if you tell me it looks more like a bird 😛

Nonetheless, I think it’s cute anyway!

Sheep cupcake

Yes, I’m very excited to announce this new style of cupcake decorating!

The Frank Kitt Underground Market has a “Wonders of Wool” theme this weekend, and after thinking about it for uh…I dunno, 40sec, I thought I should attempt to make cupcakes to the theme too, and what better to make it like sheep?

After some research online, I’ve decided to try it.

I must say I sort of deliberately use the green cupcake paper too, for the grassy look!

It looked absolutely adorable I was so excited that I ended up making an army of them!

I’ll see how they go at the market, maybe I’ll keep selling these, and gradually add more animals!

New cakes for sale

It is interesting to go back and see my post in Feb and discovering that I’ve managed to produce different cakes every week, for that variety and testing my imagination (also to keep returning customers interested)

Every week I find out that certain products are very popular, and some not so. Then the following week, somehow the products that were popular the previous week suddenly got left aside while other products are snatched up quickly.

The doggie cookies, for example, sold extremely well the first week, then the second week no one was interested. 3 weeks later, suddenly everyone wants the doggie cookies again.

There’s one week when I suddenly had heaps of customers who needed gluten-free products! What were the chances?

The ones that have been constantly popular are definitely the mini cupcakes though. It’s the cuteness of the size and the little gummy bear sitting on the top, I have decided, that makes people go “awwww!!!!” and just had to try one.

Here they are!


Aren’t they cute? The blue cup is chocolate brownie, red one is strawberry, and the green one is vanilla.

I sell quite a few of these every week, and I am planning to add more flavours for all to choose!


Another popular cake of mine, which is my absolute FAVOURITE carrot cupcake recipe, is this one:


Unfortunately I haven’t mastered my Japanese Cheesecake (chiffon cheesecake)’s presentation, so I feel a bit embarrassed taking photos of them, but they’re also among the most popular cakes I’m currently selling, which means I will continue to sell them!

New addition to the pantry is my attempt at Rainbow Slices (based on the Kueh Lapis, or Indonesian/Malaysian thousand-layer cake, but my version) which has a very rich and dense texture, took me a good 7-hour work, and here it is:

I will not be able to attend the market for the rest of April, but will be back the very first Saturday in May, so don’t forget to come and try some of these cakes! 🙂

Sicilian Lemon Cake

Ok, so traditionally it’s called a Sicilian Orange Cake, and not a Lemon cake, but really, they’re both in the citrus family, so they’re interchange-able and I can play around with all sorts of flavours, right?

Well I was given about 30 lemons from my parents’ friend’s garden, so lemon cake was yelling out to me to be made!

The result was extremely fragrant (my house smelled amazing!) and for a family that doesn’t really like cakes, this one was gone pretty quick!

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