Ordering and Pricing

Ordering and Pricing

The pricing really depends on what goes in and on the cakes/cookies, but as a general guide, here it is.

Step 1: Pick a cake (see price table below)

Generally there are 2 types, the second row is more expensive due to the price of the ingredients.

Step 2: Pick the flavouring (and colours, if applicable)

Step 3: Pick the filling (and colours, if applicable)

Whipped cream
fruit+ **
Irish cream


Flavours as above

Cream  cheese**

Flavours as above

Ice cream**
any flavour you can see in the supermarket.

+ any seasonal fruit, peaches, berries, plums, or a combination of
** will incure extra cost, please refer to the table below.

Step 4: Pick a style

here are some ideas

cartoon character (eg. Mickey Mouse, Doraemon, Dora the Explorer, Taz Mania)
classic (as this black forest cake, oreo cake)
message (eg. Happy birthday)
themed (eg. music)

But they’re just ideas! Toss me something different/not listed by all means.

Step 5: Pick your size & shape

See below table as reference

(Click to enlarge)

Cupcakes are under Other Sizes S


All cookies (and cupcakes) need at least 12 to be made (it’s difficult to add 58.61% of 1 egg, I hope you understand!), please at least order 12!

Butter cookies ($1 each)

Molasses cookies ($1 each)

Choco-chip cookies ($2 each)

Farmhouse cookies ($2 each)
Please notify of any allergies (nuts, fruits)

Coconut Macaroons ($1 each)

Cookie-pops ($1 plain, $2-4 decorated depending on the elaborativeness)

Gluten-free available for a little extra, please notify prior.

Diary-free only possible on some recipes, but do check with me and we will find something.

Place your order now by contacting me 🙂

Here are some ways to place your order:

Remember I am in Wellington, New Zealand, apologies to all from other locations that I will not be able to make these cakes and cookies for you. 😦

7 responses to “Ordering and Pricing

  • Rachel

    can you do a cake in chocolate in the cartoon of Taz the tasmania Devil in 7in please email or call ******* with a price thanks

  • Rachel

    I ordered the taz cake but gave you the wrong dates Can I please pick up on the morning of Tuesday the 21st of September not the 15th

    Thanks Rachel

  • Bronwyn

    Hi – I know it is late notice and I am not sure if you have been too affected by the earthquake but it is our little boy’s 6th birthday on Sunday and we would love to order a plain chocolate cake for him. I have some decorations to put on top – let me know if you can help.

  • Rachel

    Just checking how you are after the quake and if my order for the taz cake is still ok to pick up on the 21st
    thanks Rachel

  • cabnolen

    Hi Rachel,

    All’s good, hope your home’s fine too! The cake can still be picked up at 10am on the 21st no problem. Thanks for checking in! 🙂


  • Erin

    Thank you for an amazing job with my order. Well done!!!! I will tell everyone I know in the Wellington area about your great cakes!!!

  • cabnolen

    Thx! Hope they all liked it 🙂

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