Q & A

Q & A

Q: What kind of cakes do you specialise in?

A: I specialise in Asian cakes – which is generally light and fluffy, decorated with whipped cream or buttercream.

Q: I can’t decide, what are the popular ones?

A: I personally MUST recommend the Tiramisu, but if no alcohol is allowed then the Carrot Cake or the Brownies are always huge hits. If you are after something rich and creamy, my New York cheesecake is one of my favourite. (I never liked cheesecakes until I found this recipe!)

Q: Do you make fondant cakes?

A: No, I believe there are lots of cake makers who specialise in fondant cakes in Wellington, and I wish to provide a different style/texture/taste by taking the whipped cream/butter cream route.

Q: Do you deliver?

A: Yes, but with a small fee to cover the cost of petrol. However, due to my location and that I am only one person, unfortunately I can only deliver within Wellington region – this includes Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt and Porirua etc. Pick-up is ideal – I live in Ngaio.

Q: When do I have to place an order for a cake?

A: Ideally one week before the required date, especially bigger cakes. However, if you have a craving, an emergency, or are desperate, drop me a line and we’ll see how I can help you. Special cases would be fruitcakes, as they ideally need at least 2 weeks of “setting in” time, 1 week would be pushing it – and the quality may be compromised.

Q: Do you do wedding cakes?

A: So far I’ve made cakes for 4 weddings (mine included!), but they have all been cupcakes and/or dessert-in-a-cup. My biggest project so far was 120 people, and that came out well. I must admit I have not yet had the chance to make the standard-sized wedding cakes, but would be keen to give it a go! Bear in mind, it will not be the fondant cake that is popular – but then again, why not go for something different?

Q: Do you do cupcakes?

A: Yes, absolutely! I also make cupcakes that come with filling!

Q: I need a cake for my son’s birthday, and he is allergic to dairy products – do you make cakes that contains no dairy products?

A: Yes, although the choices would be more limited, but as long as you let me know, we will figure out something that works. Same goes for gluten-free diets and other allergies.

Q: I want a cake but I am on a diet, you don’t happen to have low-fat cakes do you…?

A: Yes, I do actually, it won’t be lavishly decorated with whipped cream or buttercream, but it will still be good cakes!

Q: ARGH! I need a cake for 80 people, but I have no idea what size I need to get?

A: It really depends what shape of a cake you are after, but here’s a general guide on the ordering page.

Q: My question(s) is/are not answered here.

A: That’s when you email me or leave a msg in the comment page! I will get back to you ASAP – I have difficulty living without a computer for even one day 😛

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