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Yes, I know, moon festival was like 3-4 months ago, I’ve only just realised that I haven’t uploaded these!

Traditionally mooncakes are bigger than the size of the palm, and you can usually see a yolk in the middle of it, and it’s extremely sweet and oily. Well I don’t like that, I am sure some of you are like me, too, and I don’t even like the yolk, so why not make my own version of it?

I suppose the mold I used isn’t traditional, I mean, Mickey mouse and Snoopy, I don’t think they’ve ever seen the great wall of China (but then again, neither have I) that’s not the point, let’s get to the point, which is the picture below:

Sorry for the bad photography, but you get the point. Here’s the inside, except it was taken from another batch which didn’t use these pretty molds:

The left one is lotus filling, and the right is the red bean filling.

For those who dislike the oily type, an “ice skin mooncake” was born a few decades ago, and it looks like this:

Although I must face the facts, I haven’t perfected it yet, so right now it doesn’t like to leave the freezer for too long, boohoo! But nonetheless, it tastes really good, mainly because I love the filling (mung-bean) and I can proudly say I made the filling myself, too!

Sicilian Lemon Cake

Ok, so traditionally it’s called a Sicilian Orange Cake, and not a Lemon cake, but really, they’re both in the citrus family, so they’re interchange-able and I can play around with all sorts of flavours, right?

Well I was given about 30 lemons from my parents’ friend’s garden, so lemon cake was yelling out to me to be made!

The result was extremely fragrant (my house smelled amazing!) and for a family that doesn’t really like cakes, this one was gone pretty quick!

Taiwanese Fruit Cake

When the word “fruit cake” is mentioned, I am sure most western people would think of the dense, rich, cinnamon + brandy/rum infused cake that’s filled with nuts and dried fruits all the way through the cake and you can eat it for 2 years without it going bad.

When the word “fruit cake” is mentioned in Asian society, one would automatically think of a light, fluffy chiffon cake filled with whipped cream/cream custard topped with fresh fruits galore, then coated with a shiny glossy coat.

A friend of my parents’ was celebrating their wedding anniversary, and she called to ask for a “fruit cake, the traditional Taiwanese styled ones”, so here was what I produced:

Cupcakes galore!

Here’s just a collection of cupcakes I’ve made in the past few months!

Vanilla cupcake with chocolate buttercream

Vanilla cupcake with chocolate buttercream – kids style

Vanilla Cupcake with chocolate buttercream, decorated with white chocolate


Chocolate chiffon cupcake with chocolate whipped cream filling & topping

Chocolate chiffon cupcake cut in half!

Chocolate chiffon cupcake with vanilla whipped cream topped with chocolate shavings

Disney “Cars” – improved version!

Yes, another disney’s Cars cake! The mother saw the original cars cake, and thought she wanted one for her son’s 3rd birthday, but she also wanted her son’s name and his age on the cake, so here it is 🙂

As you can see the eyes look better in this one, and I have also changed the colour of the wheel cap!

I was very happy and touched to receive her feedback!


Hi there,  just a quick note to let you know that we absolutely loved the cake and so did everyone at Isaacs party so we passed on your details to a few people.  If you are wanting to put any references or anything on your website i would be happy to say how much we loved it


Taz Mania – Chocolate Chiffon Cake

I was super excited to have made the first cake from orders on this website!

She requested to have a Taz cake which is “chocolate everything”, so apart from the white bits on the top, everything really was chocolate flavoured! Lots of chocolate and cocoa powder used!

Dora the Explorer – Chocolate chiffon cake

This is my second cake sold on TradeMe!  The mother had requested a chocolate chiffon cake filled with chocolate whipped cream. The cake was 7″, and it took me more efforted than necessary to complete (due to lack of precaution and too much optimism)!

I must say it was quite complicated due to the different types of colours used that aren’t in the same shade, but here it is!

Feedback: Thanks so much made my daughters day, and everyone loved the taste.

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