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Barbell cake!

Now this is one giant cake!

My husband’s colleague had her 40th, and as she’s a gym bunny, we thought a theme around exercise is something to go with.

After some thoughts, I decided on something like dumbbells or barbells.

She asked for a chocolate cake, and it needs to serve around 50 people, so off I went!

It wasn’t until I hit Google that I discovered how hard it is to find dumbbell cakes. I mean, dumbbell/barbell and cake in the same sentence? That’s difficult!!

BUT, nonetheless, I was inspired by a dumbbell cake where the bells are made of round cakes cut in half vertically, then placed on it’s side.

I thought about it, and wondered what happens when someone’s standing on cake, tries to lift up a ridiculously heavy barbell?

She would fall through the cake, of course! So here’s my inspiration!

The cake itself was around 6kg, and used up 18 eggs! And good on Alex for eating up the barbell all by herself! I love it when someone loves exercises but is not afraid to eat cake!  What’s the fun in exercising so hard and not allowing yourself to enjoy a little?


Here’s the cake in its entire glory!




Now look at little Alex struggling to lift up the bells!






Filigree and lace pre-wedding cake

So, only 50 days until our wedding day!

I was very excited about this project I had set for myself, as we were planning for a pre-wedding party for our colleagues and friends in Wellington.

The theme was inspired by my gown which I had purchased a while back. I already thought I would wear this for our pre-wedding party, and the more I thought about it, the more I decided I really love the 50’s fashion.

I loved the pretty round skirt, the fedora hat and I am a huge fan of guys in suits in general.

When thinking of 50’s, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn come to mind, and my e-invitation ended up looking like this:


To go with this shade of pink/purple, I decided on a 2-tier buttercream covered cake, white base and some pretty patterns piped on it in the same colour.

It took me a good few days just to decide what flavours to make the cake, as my fiance’s colleagues have had the chocolate brownie way too many times (in my opinion), but it IS a beautiful recipe and I always go back to this when a chocolate cake is called for.

Vanilla was another safe option, but was a bit boring and unoriginal.

Finally I decided the chocolate cake is loved for a reason, so my bottom tier would be an 11″ chocolate cake.

The top was a last-minute decision and I made the vanilla cake but added some coffee powder and Bailey’s and turned it into a 7″ coffee cake.

The filling naturally ended up being coffee buttercream, both between the chocolate cake and the coffee cake.

It took me 3 coatings on the cake and I decided I didn’t like the colour of the coffee as the background of my filigree piping.

So I whipped up another white batch of buttercream and coated the cake with that.

I suppose I should have done a bit more homework on how to make the coat smoother, but I got a bit tired from these 4 coats and decided that my piping will just cover the uneven surface.

I had decided on a pretty lace pattern for the bottom tier, repeated but in different orders for some variety, and the top just covered with filigree patterns.

Here comes the cake!


And a few more photos of the cake:




Sorry for my horrid cutting-skill!


And just general photos of the food of the evening, which we made ourselves. The service staff at Sprig & Fern said “This was the finest looking buffet we’ve ever seen!






In the end, when cutting up the cake, most people asked for the chocolate cake anyway!


Rosette Cake

I’ve been eyeing this cake for a while now, but never really had the opportunity to make it.

Thanks to my flatmate Gaetan who ordered a “simple vanilla cake” for 4 people (he was bringing it over to friend’s), I thought this would be fancy yet simple (was pretty impressed with myself that this took me about 20min to decorate, rather than 5 hours like most other cakes)

The result was pretty good, although I know where I could have done better, perhaps I will get another order for this simple yet fancy looking cake in the near future?

Tinkerbell Cake









A while ago I made the Doraemon cake for the birthday of 2 cute little girls (twins!), and the mother said they were so happy with it that she’d be coming back to order her older daughter’s birthday cake later in the year.

Here it is! I was pretty excited actually, when the mother told me Olivia wants Tinkerbell. I have always liked Tinkerbell and my flower girls are pretty much inspired by Tinkerbell, too!

Olivia wanted chocolate brownie with pink icing, so apart from the white of the eye, there’s not a bit of white buttercream in this cake!

Tinkerbell was harder than I thought, as her features are so delicate, it’s pretty hard to get all the details on an 8″ cake. (this is probably Tinkerbell’s real size)

She brought the cake to daycare centre to share with her friends, and were of course enjoyed! (I am very proud of my collection of recipes!)

The mother turned out to be a friend of a friend when I finally met her in person, small world 😀



Blue stars mini cupcakes – Labour Weekend instalment 3

So here’s my 3rd project of the Labour weekend!

This was an order from Tony who also ordered the Lightning McQueen cake. He picked up the cake on Sunday and this was to be delivered on Tuesday for Victor’s playcentre friends/classmates to share (lucky kids!)

He was not very fussed as to what kind of cake it would be. All he requested was 35 mini cupcakes in a popular flavour (which we later decided vanilla would be the easiest to please all) and in some sort of a boy colour.

Blue and yellow came into mind for a boy colour, and since I was making the little flowers for the Blue & White China mini cupcakes, I also made these pretty blue stars (painted with metallic shimmer) and thought it’d be a cute design.

The feedback was good, the kids enjoyed it, both the taste and the design! Score 🙂

Pandan Chiffon Cake

I think this is something that most South-East Asians would recognise (and even love!)

This was a request from my brother-in-law, as I was invited to his birthday dinner, I thought I should offer to bring something.

For those of you who are not familiar with Pandan (pronounced “pun done”), it’s a very common type of plant found everywhere in South East Asian countries. (English name is Screwpine leaf).

What they do is take the leave, chop it up into small pieces, chuck into the food processor with some water, then filtered out to get the juice, which is a vibrant green colour.

Of course, in NZ, where the climate is very different, it’s hard to find these leaves, so some have imported them as frozen leaves and they can be found at many South East Asian food stores.

Another way of making these is with a simple addition of “Pandan Paste”, which is a very thick pandan extract that comes in a small essence bottle, and with only 1 table spoon of this thick extract gives the cake an extremely bright colour already!

Here’s the well-received Pandan Cake, my first attempt, too! Very proud 🙂

As the cake itself came out beautifully, I thought it best not to overwhelm it with decorations, so I only did a simple whipped-cream border.


Scooby-Doo chocolate birthday cake

After a long draught at my Trademe account, I got an urgent order for a mother’s 6 year old son’s birthday.

It WAS the last week of the term, in fact, last day, so I wasn’t swamped with work and could manage whipping up a cake (I really must practise getting up to speed a bit, this cake still took me half a day!)

She requested a 10-inch chocolate brownie cake with buttercream icing, and of course, Scooby-Doo on top.

So here it is! (by the way Caiden loves yellow)


Music Cupcakes

It has been a while since my last post! (Isn’t it always the case!)

Since then I had been busying with end-of-term businesses at the school, as well as being newly engaged I was excitedly planning my still-a-while-to-go wedding!

Anyway, my flatmate (also a music teacher) was having a house concert nearing the end of the term, and asked if I could make her some music-themed cupcakes for the kids. She asked for a basic chocolate cupcake, and here’s what I came up with! I thought these were cute 😛

Farewell, Frank Kitt Underground Market!

Yes, is it with sadness to say that I will no longer be at the Frank Kitt Underground Market on Saturdays.

When I first started at the market at the beginning of the year, I had gone through lots of trouble. Finding a registered kitchen to bake at, getting the health and hygiene licence, lots of money spent on getting all the equipment for transport, display etc.

It was with great promise when I started this market! But unfortunately things didn’t work out, mainly due to the fact that this market was underground, and in Wellington (where the weather is unstable) and possibly I started at the wrong time too – winter markets are never really that popular.

I’ve had some good days, of course, but with all the kitchen hire cost and the stall hire etc., at the end of this path (almost 1 year in), I have made almost nothing, not even repeat customers due to the fact it’s a weekly market where tourists come and go.

Of course it’s not all about money, but at the end of the day, I had to decide that standing there for 8 hours every Saturday to give away free cake is not the best option for someone like me.

So unfortunately I ended up having to put a stop to it, and will concentrate on custom-made orders instead.

Now, on to bigger and better things! 🙂

Banana Chocolate Cake

Yes, it has been a while, this was back in September, but better now than never, right?

My good friend’s brother suddenly messaged me on google+ a while back, asking if I was still making cakes?

It was derived from the fact that I had just picked up a full-time relieving job at a high school and had announced that I had no time for market anymore, so I had put a stop to the market until the school holidays.

I of course replied yes, I am still making cakes to order. He immediately asked me if I could make a birthday cake for his wife as a surprise? What a lovely gesture, and surely I said yes. After a few (QUITE a few!) messaging back and forth with him on google+ what kind of cake he wants, even though I gave him a few choices, he was very keen on having a banana chocolate cake. At the end of our conversation, I asked him when he needs it, and he replied “Friday”! Gees, mister, it’s already Wednesday, that’s a bit late! 😛

Nonetheless, it’s not a cartoon cake, so no elaborate 8-hour pipe-work required, so I managed to get it done in time!

This was his 10-inch banana chocolate cake, he said they all loved it so I will take his word for it!

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