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Pandan Chiffon Cake

I think this is something that most South-East Asians would recognise (and even love!)

This was a request from my brother-in-law, as I was invited to his birthday dinner, I thought I should offer to bring something.

For those of you who are not familiar with Pandan (pronounced “pun done”), it’s a very common type of plant found everywhere in South East Asian countries. (English name is Screwpine leaf).

What they do is take the leave, chop it up into small pieces, chuck into the food processor with some water, then filtered out to get the juice, which is a vibrant green colour.

Of course, in NZ, where the climate is very different, it’s hard to find these leaves, so some have imported them as frozen leaves and they can be found at many South East Asian food stores.

Another way of making these is with a simple addition of “Pandan Paste”, which is a very thick pandan extract that comes in a small essence bottle, and with only 1 table spoon of this thick extract gives the cake an extremely bright colour already!

Here’s the well-received Pandan Cake, my first attempt, too! Very proud 🙂

As the cake itself came out beautifully, I thought it best not to overwhelm it with decorations, so I only did a simple whipped-cream border.


Scooby-Doo chocolate birthday cake

After a long draught at my Trademe account, I got an urgent order for a mother’s 6 year old son’s birthday.

It WAS the last week of the term, in fact, last day, so I wasn’t swamped with work and could manage whipping up a cake (I really must practise getting up to speed a bit, this cake still took me half a day!)

She requested a 10-inch chocolate brownie cake with buttercream icing, and of course, Scooby-Doo on top.

So here it is! (by the way Caiden loves yellow)


Music Cupcakes

It has been a while since my last post! (Isn’t it always the case!)

Since then I had been busying with end-of-term businesses at the school, as well as being newly engaged I was excitedly planning my still-a-while-to-go wedding!

Anyway, my flatmate (also a music teacher) was having a house concert nearing the end of the term, and asked if I could make her some music-themed cupcakes for the kids. She asked for a basic chocolate cupcake, and here’s what I came up with! I thought these were cute 😛

Coconut Macaroons

People ask what the diff is between coconut macaroons and French macarons (pardon the spelling, it seems everyone’s got a different philosophy behind macaroon and/or macaron, and this is MY way of differenciating the 2), but really a better question should be “What do they have in common?”

Well, they both only contain egg whites and no yolks, there!

Also I personally like the coconut version better coz it’s not sickly sweet like the ever-so-popular French macarons, and please don’t come at me with a stick coz I really don’t see what’s so amazing about the French macarons.

The coconut one is so much more flavourful, doesn’t taste like wet sugar with a crusty layer of sugar and a sugar filling.

And I like the way I’ve made them this time! I don’t know why, maybe the eggs were smaller, so the dough turned out a bit harder than I last made them, so I could actually roll them in my hands to form cute ping-pong balls, and they came out of the oven even prettier than my usual batches!


Penguin cupcake

After the success of sheep cupcakes I was keen to try another animal.

Penguins were suggested to me, and since it uses pretty much the same colours, I thought I’d give it a try.

I first started with the body and the head, and unfortunately it looked rather human-body-part.

It did take quite a long time to make it, as I had to wait until they harden before I could add more features, otherwise the penguin would collapse.

Next batch I will make the buttercream harder, and make the penguin shorter in general, with the white body patch larger.

Here’s the result!

By the way, I was pretty excited about the flavour, as it’s a coconut cupcake! It’s actually just my vanilla cupcake recipe with some tweaking, and it turned out even better than the vanilla cupcake. The coconut shreds added gave the cupcake a crispy crunchy bite, I was really excited!

duck cupcakes

After the success of the sheep cupcakes, I thought I’d attempt a different animal with buttercream.

My original idea was to make a duck cupcake, however I wouldn’t get upset if you tell me it looks more like a bird 😛

Nonetheless, I think it’s cute anyway!

Carrot cupcake

I’ve been making this for a while now, it’s always among the fastest selling cupcakes I have at the market.

This has to be one of the best carrot cake recipes I’ve stumbled upon, and I am oh-so sticking with this one!

Quite happy with the way I do the deco too, the  base is a little different to most other cupcakes out there.

Sheep cupcake

Yes, I’m very excited to announce this new style of cupcake decorating!

The Frank Kitt Underground Market has a “Wonders of Wool” theme this weekend, and after thinking about it for uh…I dunno, 40sec, I thought I should attempt to make cupcakes to the theme too, and what better to make it like sheep?

After some research online, I’ve decided to try it.

I must say I sort of deliberately use the green cupcake paper too, for the grassy look!

It looked absolutely adorable I was so excited that I ended up making an army of them!

I’ll see how they go at the market, maybe I’ll keep selling these, and gradually add more animals!

New cakes for sale

It is interesting to go back and see my post in Feb and discovering that I’ve managed to produce different cakes every week, for that variety and testing my imagination (also to keep returning customers interested)

Every week I find out that certain products are very popular, and some not so. Then the following week, somehow the products that were popular the previous week suddenly got left aside while other products are snatched up quickly.

The doggie cookies, for example, sold extremely well the first week, then the second week no one was interested. 3 weeks later, suddenly everyone wants the doggie cookies again.

There’s one week when I suddenly had heaps of customers who needed gluten-free products! What were the chances?

The ones that have been constantly popular are definitely the mini cupcakes though. It’s the cuteness of the size and the little gummy bear sitting on the top, I have decided, that makes people go “awwww!!!!” and just had to try one.

Here they are!


Aren’t they cute? The blue cup is chocolate brownie, red one is strawberry, and the green one is vanilla.

I sell quite a few of these every week, and I am planning to add more flavours for all to choose!


Another popular cake of mine, which is my absolute FAVOURITE carrot cupcake recipe, is this one:


Unfortunately I haven’t mastered my Japanese Cheesecake (chiffon cheesecake)’s presentation, so I feel a bit embarrassed taking photos of them, but they’re also among the most popular cakes I’m currently selling, which means I will continue to sell them!

New addition to the pantry is my attempt at Rainbow Slices (based on the Kueh Lapis, or Indonesian/Malaysian thousand-layer cake, but my version) which has a very rich and dense texture, took me a good 7-hour work, and here it is:

I will not be able to attend the market for the rest of April, but will be back the very first Saturday in May, so don’t forget to come and try some of these cakes! 🙂

Frank Kitt Underground Market

YES!! I have finally got a stall! I am now selling cakes and cookies at the Frank Kitt Underground Market every Saturday from 10am-4pm, come  check me out!

Here’s my stall!

And here’s my cabinet full of goodies

Here are some of the cakes and cookies on sale

Vanilla Cake

Chocolate Cake with Teddy

Chocolate cake with Heart

Doggie Cookies

Smiley Crackers


Come check out the Frank Kitt Underground Market!

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