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SPCA Chocolate Banana cupcakes

This order came through Trademe. They asked for 12 cupcakes, and said they didn’t really mind whatever flavour, whatever colour, they just wanted 12 of them.

I was a little surprised to hear, usually people would be a bit more particular about what type of cakes they want! I later found out it is to be used to fund-raise for SPCA, so I went to work!

I decided 12 wasn’t really enough, so ended up making 18 of these, and as I haven’t made banana cakes for a while, I went with chocolate-banana cupcakes and topped with yellow icing, as for a hint of our cute paw friends, I piped some chocolate footprints on them, so cute!


Cute Dinosaur Banana Cake

The banana cake + lemon icing combo must have worked, as Michelle came back to order another for her son’s birthday after the my little pony cake for her daughter.

This dinosaur on the cake was to match the invitation that was sent out for the boy’s party. It was a 10-inch banana cake, with no filling and thin icing, requested by mum, and the icing was of course lemon.

Instead of the usual border, I tried a different one, wasn’t too sure about the colour I chose (but it matched the cake!) but was happy with the look of it!

My little pony banana cake

Michelle ordered this cake via my Facebook page, her daughter Brooke was celebrating her 4th birthday, and she loved My Little Pony. After some back-and-forth discussion, we’ve decided that a printed image would be the best fit, and as they’re after a cake that has less icing, they had requested a cake with no filling, and with a thin icing on top.

The combination I’m curious about, as I’ve never tried these 2 flavours together, but it’s a 12″ Banana cake and the icing is lemon – with edible image from Build-a-Birthday. As the cake was quite a bit bigger than the image, I had decided to decorated thus, and I think it worked well like this!

Happy birthday Brookey!

Mickey Mouse Banana Cake

First order in 2015, last time I made a Mickey Mouse cake it was my first time trying the piping-cartoon-character decorating style, how I’ve come!

This is also one of the very few none-circular cakes I’ve made, also the first banana cake order I’ve had, so a few firsts!

The cake turned out very well, super soft and moist, it was filled with buttercream of course, and quite liked the red/blue border that I attempted.



Banana Chocolate Cake

Yes, it has been a while, this was back in September, but better now than never, right?

My good friend’s brother suddenly messaged me on google+ a while back, asking if I was still making cakes?

It was derived from the fact that I had just picked up a full-time relieving job at a high school and had announced that I had no time for market anymore, so I had put a stop to the market until the school holidays.

I of course replied yes, I am still making cakes to order. He immediately asked me if I could make a birthday cake for his wife as a surprise? What a lovely gesture, and surely I said yes. After a few (QUITE a few!) messaging back and forth with him on google+ what kind of cake he wants, even though I gave him a few choices, he was very keen on having a banana chocolate cake. At the end of our conversation, I asked him when he needs it, and he replied “Friday”! Gees, mister, it’s already Wednesday, that’s a bit late! 😛

Nonetheless, it’s not a cartoon cake, so no elaborate 8-hour pipe-work required, so I managed to get it done in time!

This was his 10-inch banana chocolate cake, he said they all loved it so I will take his word for it!

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