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Mini Gingerbread House for Xmas

Yes, it’s February, but better now than never, right?

I made these Gingerbread houses for my nieces and my piano students as their Xmas present, although there’s some improvement required, it’s my first time attempting this, and wished I had thought about what the house would look like before decorating them. I shouldn’t have bought so much candy as I think the royal icing made it look so much cuter than loaded with candy – ah well, there’s always next time!

Our nieces raved about them and were very excited to get one, so mission accomplished, yes?


New cakes for sale

It is interesting to go back and see my post in Feb and discovering that I’ve managed to produce different cakes every week, for that variety and testing my imagination (also to keep returning customers interested)

Every week I find out that certain products are very popular, and some not so. Then the following week, somehow the products that were popular the previous week suddenly got left aside while other products are snatched up quickly.

The doggie cookies, for example, sold extremely well the first week, then the second week no one was interested. 3 weeks later, suddenly everyone wants the doggie cookies again.

There’s one week when I suddenly had heaps of customers who needed gluten-free products! What were the chances?

The ones that have been constantly popular are definitely the mini cupcakes though. It’s the cuteness of the size and the little gummy bear sitting on the top, I have decided, that makes people go “awwww!!!!” and just had to try one.

Here they are!


Aren’t they cute? The blue cup is chocolate brownie, red one is strawberry, and the green one is vanilla.

I sell quite a few of these every week, and I am planning to add more flavours for all to choose!


Another popular cake of mine, which is my absolute FAVOURITE carrot cupcake recipe, is this one:


Unfortunately I haven’t mastered my Japanese Cheesecake (chiffon cheesecake)’s presentation, so I feel a bit embarrassed taking photos of them, but they’re also among the most popular cakes I’m currently selling, which means I will continue to sell them!

New addition to the pantry is my attempt at Rainbow Slices (based on the Kueh Lapis, or Indonesian/Malaysian thousand-layer cake, but my version) which has a very rich and dense texture, took me a good 7-hour work, and here it is:

I will not be able to attend the market for the rest of April, but will be back the very first Saturday in May, so don’t forget to come and try some of these cakes! 🙂

2008 Gingerbread house

Gingerbread House

– Cabnolen’s English Cottage

Here’s this year’s gingerbread house! The 2nd time I’ve tried it, 2 makers and 7 days plus self-made lights. I have not attempted making one for sale yet, as I have no idea how much they’re worth, but if you’re interested in having a small one made let me know, we can probably arrange something 🙂

Gingerbread house 08

Detail of the roof

Roof detailing

In the dark! With lights!

in the dark


Yo-yo is just a name I use for 2 pieces of cookies combined with a filling in between. The filling in between is a combination of butter, sugar and natural flavouring.

Picture coming soon!


Button cookies are also called thumb-print cookies. Made round and dented with a press of finger in the middle, and later filled with special sauces. These lemon tea button cookies are especially popular, they have been requested on many occasions!



Macaroons are traditionally made with egg whites and almond powder, to give it a soft, chewy and puffy texture. I like to make them chocolatey, but otherwise comes in coconut flavour too. Doesn’t contain egg yolks, which means it’s low fat and low cholestrol!


Choco-chip cookies

Who hasn’t had a craving for a choco-chip cookie sometime in their life? Well so did I, and I have the perfect recipe that I make again and again, crunchy and full of choco-goodness, mmmmm!


Farmhouse Cookies

Farmhouse cookies are so wholesome, I always bake big cookies like these with all the healthy ingredients, and just have these with milk for breakfast! What a bonus that they taste so good!


Molasses Cookies

This is a rich, full of spices, soft cookie. With all the spices you find in a Christmas cake and gingerbread, but different!


Butter Cookies

This butter cookie is one of my favourite cookies to bake. It is actually called Sable, and it’s very buttery which makes it melt in your mouth, rich and flavourful, just heavenly!


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