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Farewell Carrot Cake

This was a special order for Sam, a good friend of ours – he was mischievous about it and ordered it, gave me numbers of servings and the date, then once I started making it he then revealed it was for his own farewell, and I was one of the guests!

I must say I don’t usually eat my own creations (I don’t get to the decorating stage, the cake is out of the oven and then it’s in my mouth!) so it was interesting seeing the inside of the cake!

I went with 4 layers this time, and we shared it at Joe’s Garage cafe in town with friends, yup, definitely  an adult cake!

Although this was a while ago now, but still wishing you all the best, Sam, wherever you are, be happy and be true to yourself!


Basic Carrot Cake

This year for Brooke’s 5th birthday cake, they decided to try something new – carrot cake. I must say this is the first time I’ve gotten an order for a carrot cake for a child – it’s usually an adult cake. They ordered a 10″ one with the traditional cream cheese buttercream to top, and just needed a message and basic decoration.


Hair dryer and brush carrot cake

This was a TradeMe order, another interesting challenge for me, as most of my previous cakes were 2D.

After browsing through Google to see what other people have done with hair dryer cakes, I came up with my own way of building this cake, making a 9″ x 13″ sheet cake, a small round cake and a loaf, which I ended up cutting in half vertically, to construct the handle and the tube of the hair dryer.

The result I was quite happy with, the filling of course had to be cream cheese buttercream, and the brush was just pipped on, with the bristle pipped as individual strand – this took me longer than expected as I wasn’t happy with the original attempt and I had to redo it.

This was made for her dear sister Janet’s 60th surprise birthday, with her favourite colour red. I hope she was thoroughly surprised!

Purple Dance cake with cake pops

So this is a very funky order!

My colleague’s daughter was turning 10, and she loves everything purple, hates everything blue (I was told several times NO BLUE or she would refuse to even touch it)

She was having a dance themed party and had invited a few girls over. She loved the idea of zebra patterns and liked the disco dancing silhouette idea (which I gathered from all the photos they’ve showed me), so accepting a challenge of making zebra patterns with piped buttercream and no fondant, this was going to be a tough one.

Indeed it wasn’t easy, getting the zebra pattern, and it wasn’t easy getting the dancing figure on top to STAY THERE either! As I had to sit in the car while my husband drove us to her place, the dancing figure fell at the last minute just as I was about to reach her door.

Fortunately they were so happy with it that the figure not standing there wasn’t a problem, and it didn’t help that when I tried to put him back in, hre legs broke off, but they seemed ok with it and we went with the top half of her body planted in the cake.

On the side, they also wanted cake pops to match, and they really liked the idea of the skewer and the name badge on top, so I managed to make all the badges with specially printed purple paper and got the guest list so I could put all their names on there. She had asked for more than they needed,  so the extra ones I managed to put the mother (my colleague)’s name, the younger sister’s name and I didn’t know the husband’s name, so he unfortunately got a blank one, which he pretended to be slightly upset by this when he saw it.

So here they are! The double-tiered purple dance cake with 12 cake pops to match! They came back raving about them, so I think that was successful!

P.S. the cake was the chocolate mud cake with cream cheese filling.





Carrot Cake #3

I did say a while back that there’s another one coming, right?

This was made back in early August, as part of the Wellington on a Plate event. Our workplace participated in the Wellington Bake Club, where a group of people (in this case, my colleagues) get together for 4 weeks, baking according to the challenges, and compete to become the baker of year. This was our second challenge: vegetable cake. I unfortunately took a day off, which happens to be the same day where we all present our work and have them judged. I ended up having to make it prior and leave it in the fridge at work, so they can bring it out and help my cake participate – the bad news is I didn’t get to eat any cake, but the good news is that I won this round!

So here it is, my trusty carrot cake that never fails to please! (thus far)


Carrot Cake #2

This was an order from TradeMe, all the way back in June 2014. Yes, I’ve been slack at posting, and need to do a big catch-up before 2015 hits! I will be good for Santa and try to keep it up to date before Xmas comes, just you watch me!

I thought I’d title this post “Carrot Cake #2″ as this is the second carrot cake order I’ve done – but then I looked back to my previous posts and I don’t see where #1 went? Ah well, will keep this as #2, as there will be a #3 coming soon!

The lady requested a standard carrot cake for her partner’s birthday, 9” round, and I could pretty much decorate it how I liked, so I thought I’d play around with the little carrots on the side – which turned out rather cute I thought! The frosting is of course the cream cheese frosting, which who can really live without, huh?



Red Velvet Cake

It seems that if you ask a NZ-er what their favourite cake is, 7/10 would say Carrot Cake.

While if you ask Americans, they’re more likely to say Red Velvet cake.

It may be due to the fact that they both have cream cheese buttercream as filling and topping, or that they’re both soft, springy and moist at the same time, which makes them so popular with people. It is interesting to see that red velvet is almost unheard of in New Zealand, but our friends requested a red velvet for their house warming, so I made one.

I’ve made red velvet a few times, most times requested by people who’s never had it before but have heard so much about it that they want to give it a try, although I didn’t ask our friends if they’ve ever had it before.

It was probably many people’s first time trying a red velvet, and it got raving reviews, so perhaps with time, red velvet cake will pick up in NZ too!

This red velvet cake was 10″, topped with fresh blueberries and glacie cherries.





Red Velvet cupcakes duo

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the little girl’s father, Ken, to make 12 rosette cupcakes and 12 blue & white china cupcakes like my previous works, for his daughter’s 1st month celebration.

1st month celebration is very big in Chinese society. A friend asked me if we celebrate every single month for the first year of the baby’s life and the answer is of course NO, just the first month is a special, precious time.

It is usually celebrated by the grandparents giving the baby pure gold chains (if a boy) or pure silver chains (if a girl) to wear on their wrists and ankles, and they wear a red string of walnut cookies in the shape of donuts around their neck to “gather in the saliva” (so babies would stop drooling once they get past this stage).

Close relatives would get together and celebrate this special occasion, “oil rice” would be enjoyed and taken home or gifted to other friends and families.

Anyway, long story short, my part in this celebration was to provide these cupcakes 🙂

Ken later changed his order to 24 each, so I ended up making 48 of these.

The cake itself is red velvet, and of course the icing is cream cheese buttercream (what red velvet would be complete without cream cheese?)

So here they are!



Ken’s feedback was on TradeMe so it was a short and sweet:

Absolutely great trader!

Cupcakes were amazing.

Highly recommended A+++ 

Sounds good to me 🙂

Busy Labour Weekend! – Blue & White China cupcakes

So all of a sudden I ended up with 3 cake orders in one weekend!

This was an order placed by my flatmate/friend Megan who’s a bridesmaid for her friend’s wedding, and they were to host a lovely afternoon tea for the bride (what an elegant idea!)

The bride requested “small and dainty“, and if it can be a red velvet cake it’d be a bonus.

Of course, the theme of the party itself is blue & white china, and how could I pass up the idea (my favourite colour IS blue afterall!)

I toyed around with ideas, as I don’t want it to be too busy and overwhelm the decoration of the plates itself.

These cupcakes were inspired by those Victorian ladies in pinafore, spending an afternoon in the garden, surrounded by daisies and just sipping tea. (what a nice thought)

As for the cake itself, this is my first attempt at red velvet. Honestly I can’t really taste why it’s so special, except it’s light and fluffy (but so are chiffon and sponge cakes) and has no particular flavour that jumped out at me. The creamcheese buttercream, well, they also go on carrot cakes and carrot cakes have so much more substance!

Anyway, I also found these Robert Gordon cups which I really liked the look of but turned out to be pretty awful cupcake cups.

They were poor quality, thin (they do stand on their own, however) and unless the cake itself has absolutely no oil nor butter, the grease seeps through and ruins the pattern of the cups anyway.

I bought 2 packs from Moore Wilson, each pack says there are 50. The first pack I realised there were only 42, and the second pack, oh dear, don’t even mention it! About 10 of them were glued together, that when I tried to pull them apart they just tore. The base came out, there were holes everywhere, just absolutely awful quality!

I ended up using these for cupcake wrapper instead, and used my good solid cupcake liner to bake the red velvet cake in. The size wasn’t correct and I ended up having to cut out the base of these Robert Gordon cups and then re-glue the sides to make it like wrappers. Yes, the result was great, only after all I’ve done, and it’s not worth it. Would not buy them again! (Moore Wilson was great though, when I went to tell them the problem and they promptly refunded me – although I’d prefer they do more than this and actually make a formal complaint to Robert Gordon)

So after all that, here they are! The flowers are made of sugarpaste.

And this was taken by Megan, at the party itself. Isn’t it beautiful? I’m very happy with the result!

Japanese Cheesecake

A Japanese Cheesecake is so likeable because it’s not as dense as the traditional cheesecake, which can get quite sickening very soon. Japanese cheesecake is also lower in fat, it has a fluffy, moist and spongy texture, yet the taste is still amazing. It does not come with a base made out of cookies, nor is it served with whipped cream, it is simply dusted with icing sugar or coated with jelly to not overpower the light texture.

Some say it tastes better than the traditional cheesecake. I say the lower Calories automatically makes it better than the traditional ones!


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