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100 Lemon cupcakes for a Christchurch Wedding

A good friend of mine, Koid, was getting married in Christchurch a while ago, and I offered to make these cupcakes for her. She used these cupcakes as favours. The wedding reception was a beautiful Victorian Morning Tea, and the cupcakes were, I thought, fitting for the theme 🙂

The bride’s best friend’s father, who happened to be my husband’s ex-colleague, raved about my lemon cake that I made for his birthday a couple of years ago, that when I asked her what flavour she’d like, she immediately said “That lemon cake you made for Neil!”

She asked for a very simple, white icing with minimal decoration, and with a very gourmet home-made feeling to the packaging, the cupcakes were born!

As the wedding was down in Christchurch, I flew down the day before the wedding and spent a good 11 hours making these cupcakes (all worth it!) brought them to the reception venue the night before where all her friends and families were there helping set up the place, everyone did an amazing job, look at this place!


Look, there’s my cupcake sitting next to every set of pretty cups!

Here’s a closer look:


The swirl on the top was a rosette, with a sprinkle of white pearls to finish off. These cupcakes were well received, a happy wedding and a beautiful future to you and your husband, Koid!

Tiger Vanilla Pound Cake

How time flies! The first time I made a cake for Victor was when he was turning 2, and he ordered the lightning McQueen cake, this time he wanted a Tiger cake!

Since they’re loyal customers, I thought I’d throw in some mini cupcakes on the side.

They provided me with a picture of the tiger they wanted on the cake, and just asked for a plain vanilla pound cake. It didn’t turn out like what I thought, but then when the tiger was coloured, I thought the black/orange thing would be a good mixture for the border, then I had more of them left and ended up decorating the mini cupcakes with these 2 icings – it turned into some Halloween themed cupcakes! (but not scary, unless you think the tiger is considered scary?)

So here’s the 7″ round cake with the mini cupcakes!



Floral cake + cupcakes combo

I was doing my grocery shopping when my phone rang. I was quite surprised as the caller was from Australia, but answered it anyway. Turned out this woman found me online and as her mother lives in Wellington and was turning 90, she was hoping to order a floral cake with matching cupcakes to celebrate, and she won’t be arriving in Wellington until the night before.

As her mother and her father are of old age, I delivered the cakes to their residence the night before their celebration.

She asked for a plain vanilla cake done in a floral style, “With lots of light pink flowers, something suitable for a 90-year-old lady”, so I played around a little with pink, and she did say I can add other colours other than pink, and came up with this.

They were pretty happy when the received the cakes, so just waiting to hear back from them 🙂




It’s a girl!

No,  I have not abandoned this site, it’s just that I thought I had the latest cakes posted already but turns out I am a few posts behind!

So here’s to an order for a baby shower by the mum-to-be’s good friend.

She asked for 20 baby shower cakes in double cups, 10 red velvet, 5 chocolate and 5 vanilla, in the theme of yellow and pink.

I looked everywhere online, most of the cupcakes have babies on them, or baby shoes, but I don’t want to make baby shoes! Was feeling inventive and lazy at the same time, I thought about foot prints. Never tried footprints with buttercream before, I thought to try the flat tip + tiny dot tips, and was very impressed with how it turned out with my first try!

The ladies loved them 🙂



Busy Labour Weekend! – Blue & White China cupcakes

So all of a sudden I ended up with 3 cake orders in one weekend!

This was an order placed by my flatmate/friend Megan who’s a bridesmaid for her friend’s wedding, and they were to host a lovely afternoon tea for the bride (what an elegant idea!)

The bride requested “small and dainty“, and if it can be a red velvet cake it’d be a bonus.

Of course, the theme of the party itself is blue & white china, and how could I pass up the idea (my favourite colour IS blue afterall!)

I toyed around with ideas, as I don’t want it to be too busy and overwhelm the decoration of the plates itself.

These cupcakes were inspired by those Victorian ladies in pinafore, spending an afternoon in the garden, surrounded by daisies and just sipping tea. (what a nice thought)

As for the cake itself, this is my first attempt at red velvet. Honestly I can’t really taste why it’s so special, except it’s light and fluffy (but so are chiffon and sponge cakes) and has no particular flavour that jumped out at me. The creamcheese buttercream, well, they also go on carrot cakes and carrot cakes have so much more substance!

Anyway, I also found these Robert Gordon cups which I really liked the look of but turned out to be pretty awful cupcake cups.

They were poor quality, thin (they do stand on their own, however) and unless the cake itself has absolutely no oil nor butter, the grease seeps through and ruins the pattern of the cups anyway.

I bought 2 packs from Moore Wilson, each pack says there are 50. The first pack I realised there were only 42, and the second pack, oh dear, don’t even mention it! About 10 of them were glued together, that when I tried to pull them apart they just tore. The base came out, there were holes everywhere, just absolutely awful quality!

I ended up using these for cupcake wrapper instead, and used my good solid cupcake liner to bake the red velvet cake in. The size wasn’t correct and I ended up having to cut out the base of these Robert Gordon cups and then re-glue the sides to make it like wrappers. Yes, the result was great, only after all I’ve done, and it’s not worth it. Would not buy them again! (Moore Wilson was great though, when I went to tell them the problem and they promptly refunded me – although I’d prefer they do more than this and actually make a formal complaint to Robert Gordon)

So after all that, here they are! The flowers are made of sugarpaste.

And this was taken by Megan, at the party itself. Isn’t it beautiful? I’m very happy with the result!

Love Cupcakes


It’s been a while, as I kept thinking I’ve shared these cupcakes with everyone already!

This was an order placed by a lovely wife Erin who lives in USA while her husband is working in Wellington, NZ.

Such a nice gesture, she decided to surprise her husband by having some cupcakes delivered to his work, to show that she’s thinking of him and misses him dearly! How sweet was that!

So of course, since she said anything’s fine with her, and thinking that was the message she wanted to send to him, I made this vanilla cupcake with cute hearts topping (dusted with glitter but pity didn’t show up in the photo!)

Funny though as when I delivered, he happened to be sick at home! His workmates happily accepted them for him, and from what I’ve heard, he DID manage to eat some in the end!

Music Cupcakes

It has been a while since my last post! (Isn’t it always the case!)

Since then I had been busying with end-of-term businesses at the school, as well as being newly engaged I was excitedly planning my still-a-while-to-go wedding!

Anyway, my flatmate (also a music teacher) was having a house concert nearing the end of the term, and asked if I could make her some music-themed cupcakes for the kids. She asked for a basic chocolate cupcake, and here’s what I came up with! I thought these were cute 😛

Penguin cupcake

After the success of sheep cupcakes I was keen to try another animal.

Penguins were suggested to me, and since it uses pretty much the same colours, I thought I’d give it a try.

I first started with the body and the head, and unfortunately it looked rather human-body-part.

It did take quite a long time to make it, as I had to wait until they harden before I could add more features, otherwise the penguin would collapse.

Next batch I will make the buttercream harder, and make the penguin shorter in general, with the white body patch larger.

Here’s the result!

By the way, I was pretty excited about the flavour, as it’s a coconut cupcake! It’s actually just my vanilla cupcake recipe with some tweaking, and it turned out even better than the vanilla cupcake. The coconut shreds added gave the cupcake a crispy crunchy bite, I was really excited!

duck cupcakes

After the success of the sheep cupcakes, I thought I’d attempt a different animal with buttercream.

My original idea was to make a duck cupcake, however I wouldn’t get upset if you tell me it looks more like a bird 😛

Nonetheless, I think it’s cute anyway!

Carrot cupcake

I’ve been making this for a while now, it’s always among the fastest selling cupcakes I have at the market.

This has to be one of the best carrot cake recipes I’ve stumbled upon, and I am oh-so sticking with this one!

Quite happy with the way I do the deco too, the  base is a little different to most other cupcakes out there.

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