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Cute Dinosaur Banana Cake

The banana cake + lemon icing combo must have worked, as Michelle came back to order another for her son’s birthday after the my little pony cake for her daughter.

This dinosaur on the cake was to match the invitation that was sent out for the boy’s party. It was a 10-inch banana cake, with no filling and thin icing, requested by mum, and the icing was of course lemon.

Instead of the usual border, I tried a different one, wasn’t too sure about the colour I chose (but it matched the cake!) but was happy with the look of it!

T-Rex Gluten-free cake

Yes, yet another belated cake post!

The birthday boy is apparently very particular about his T-Rex, which must have a red head, yellow body, pink and purple hands and feet. This made for a very colourful combination! I made my own decision to change the back of the dinosaur to red and the front to yellow, so as not to have a clashy “cut-off” line between the red head and the yellow body. Fortunately the boy was happy with it!

Personally I liked the multi-coloured border 😛





What a great trade, we all enjoyed the cake very much and my little boy loved the T Rex on top. Thank you.

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