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Disney Frozen Elsa & Anna cake

This was actually made end of November, 2014, an order from the Facebook site.

Up with the fashion, Sanvi asked for a 9″ Elsa & Anna pineapple pound cake for her 5th birthday. I thought it sounded like a good challenge, as it seemed quite complicated (eyes and facial features can come out very weird with just a tiny touch), so I said yes.

It turned out this one really was hard, especially their eyes which I had to tweak several times, also the amount of colour icing I had to mix used up lots of bowls! At the end of it, I think it was all worth it though, still not 100% happy with their eyes but I felt like the more I tweaked it the worse it would get, so I just let it go! (get it?)

Here’s the response:

cake was great…could see how much effort you had put into it…Thanks so much. .my daughter simply loved it




Disney Cars Cake #3

Yet another numbered cake, I am almost reaching my deadline of having up-to-date posts of cakes!

Cars seems like a classic choice, lots of requests coming through for this. I’d say I’ve finally grasp the idea of this and this is the best cars cake I’ve made to date. Of course being picky, I’d think there’s a few things I can do better, but improvement is important too, right?

This time instead of blue background and white border, I went with the reverse and had blue as the border. Honestly I think it looks tidier and cleaner!

10″ chocolate brownie cake, a very solid, dense cake that used 8 eggs!


Elsa from Frozen barbie cake

YES! Finally, I LOVE barbie cakes! I was so excited when I got asked to make my second ever barbie cake.

The order was place via my Facebook page, which I was also in charge of getting the doll. A real Elsa doll was quite expensive, and at the end we decided any blonde barbie would do.

I was hoping to make her sleeves (the whole semi transparent look) but unfortunately it wasn’t so easy with buttercream, so I ended up scraping that idea and just went with a blue gown.

The skirt was probably the hardest part, as buttercream is quite difficult to smooth out completely – I tried my best.

All in all, I am quite happy with this cake, it wasn’t as elaborate as my previous barbie cake, but in the spirit of Elsa, that’s what her dress was closer to.

The inside was chocolate mud cake with chocolate buttercream.


Tinkerbell Cake









A while ago I made the Doraemon cake for the birthday of 2 cute little girls (twins!), and the mother said they were so happy with it that she’d be coming back to order her older daughter’s birthday cake later in the year.

Here it is! I was pretty excited actually, when the mother told me Olivia wants Tinkerbell. I have always liked Tinkerbell and my flower girls are pretty much inspired by Tinkerbell, too!

Olivia wanted chocolate brownie with pink icing, so apart from the white of the eye, there’s not a bit of white buttercream in this cake!

Tinkerbell was harder than I thought, as her features are so delicate, it’s pretty hard to get all the details on an 8″ cake. (this is probably Tinkerbell’s real size)

She brought the cake to daycare centre to share with her friends, and were of course enjoyed! (I am very proud of my collection of recipes!)

The mother turned out to be a friend of a friend when I finally met her in person, small world 😀



Disney “Cars” – improved version!

Yes, another disney’s Cars cake! The mother saw the original cars cake, and thought she wanted one for her son’s 3rd birthday, but she also wanted her son’s name and his age on the cake, so here it is 🙂

As you can see the eyes look better in this one, and I have also changed the colour of the wheel cap!

I was very happy and touched to receive her feedback!


Hi there,  just a quick note to let you know that we absolutely loved the cake and so did everyone at Isaacs party so we passed on your details to a few people.  If you are wanting to put any references or anything on your website i would be happy to say how much we loved it


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