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Farewell Carrot Cake

This was a special order for Sam, a good friend of ours – he was mischievous about it and ordered it, gave me numbers of servings and the date, then once I started making it he then revealed it was for his own farewell, and I was one of the guests!

I must say I don’t usually eat my own creations (I don’t get to the decorating stage, the cake is out of the oven and then it’s in my mouth!) so it was interesting seeing the inside of the cake!

I went with 4 layers this time, and we shared it at Joe’s Garage cafe in town with friends, yup, definitely  an adult cake!

Although this was a while ago now, but still wishing you all the best, Sam, wherever you are, be happy and be true to yourself!


NZ v.s. Australia Chocolate Cake

This is a bit more recently, made for my partner’s wonderfully amazing and supportive (and ridiculously hard-working!) section manager, who was off to Australia to do bigger things!

Having met and chat with him on several occasions, also with my partner constantly telling me what Duncan has done this time (I promise it’s all good things!) I thought the least I could do was make him a big-ass farewell cake for his leaving party at work on Thursday.

I suppose I could make it even bigger, but he did say there will probably be around 3 to 30 people, and it will be brought into work, so I thought 12-inch x 16-inch is big enough, surely?

Since he’s leaving NZ to Australia, we thought it’d be funny to be geographically incorrect 😛

It would typically serve 60-80 people, but I am proud to say that this cake was gone in 12 hours with 30 people! (there was about 2/5 left in the fridge from Thursday evening and by Friday evening it slowly chipped away until it was all gone)

Do you get the joke? 🙂

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