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Cute Dinosaur Banana Cake

The banana cake + lemon icing combo must have worked, as Michelle came back to order another for her son’s birthday after the my little pony cake for her daughter.

This dinosaur on the cake was to match the invitation that was sent out for the boy’s party. It was a 10-inch banana cake, with no filling and thin icing, requested by mum, and the icing was of course lemon.

Instead of the usual border, I tried a different one, wasn’t too sure about the colour I chose (but it matched the cake!) but was happy with the look of it!

100 Lemon cupcakes for a Christchurch Wedding

A good friend of mine, Koid, was getting married in Christchurch a while ago, and I offered to make these cupcakes for her. She used these cupcakes as favours. The wedding reception was a beautiful Victorian Morning Tea, and the cupcakes were, I thought, fitting for the theme 🙂

The bride’s best friend’s father, who happened to be my husband’s ex-colleague, raved about my lemon cake that I made for his birthday a couple of years ago, that when I asked her what flavour she’d like, she immediately said “That lemon cake you made for Neil!”

She asked for a very simple, white icing with minimal decoration, and with a very gourmet home-made feeling to the packaging, the cupcakes were born!

As the wedding was down in Christchurch, I flew down the day before the wedding and spent a good 11 hours making these cupcakes (all worth it!) brought them to the reception venue the night before where all her friends and families were there helping set up the place, everyone did an amazing job, look at this place!


Look, there’s my cupcake sitting next to every set of pretty cups!

Here’s a closer look:


The swirl on the top was a rosette, with a sprinkle of white pearls to finish off. These cupcakes were well received, a happy wedding and a beautiful future to you and your husband, Koid!

My little pony banana cake

Michelle ordered this cake via my Facebook page, her daughter Brooke was celebrating her 4th birthday, and she loved My Little Pony. After some back-and-forth discussion, we’ve decided that a printed image would be the best fit, and as they’re after a cake that has less icing, they had requested a cake with no filling, and with a thin icing on top.

The combination I’m curious about, as I’ve never tried these 2 flavours together, but it’s a 12″ Banana cake and the icing is lemon – with edible image from Build-a-Birthday. As the cake was quite a bit bigger than the image, I had decided to decorated thus, and I think it worked well like this!

Happy birthday Brookey!

Lemon Cake – literally!

We were invited to my husband’s colleague’s 60th birthday, and when I asked what we could bring, he said “Lemon cake please!”

A big lemon cake lover, I wondered how to decorate it, as I couldn’t seem to gather any more information of what his other hobbies are. At the end, I thought there aren’t many lemon cakes that look like lemon online, so why not make one?


So here it is, raved and gobbled down within minutes by 30 people, the lemon cake!



The message reads:

Happy birthday Neil!

Making lemon cake out of lemons since 1954


Sicilian Lemon Cake

Ok, so traditionally it’s called a Sicilian Orange Cake, and not a Lemon cake, but really, they’re both in the citrus family, so they’re interchange-able and I can play around with all sorts of flavours, right?

Well I was given about 30 lemons from my parents’ friend’s garden, so lemon cake was yelling out to me to be made!

The result was extremely fragrant (my house smelled amazing!) and for a family that doesn’t really like cakes, this one was gone pretty quick!

Disney Cars Cake

This is my first cake sold on TradeMe! I was very excited to have an order placed through trademe, and the birthday boy’s mother had requested a “Disney’s Cars” theme, with lemon chiffon cake, strawberry jam and whipped cream as filling.

The cake was 7″, and was gladly received by the birthday boy 🙂

Feedback: Thank you so much. Awesome cake. Our boy loved the car design and the cake was so light. Would recommend to all and will certainly be back in the future.


Button cookies are also called thumb-print cookies. Made round and dented with a press of finger in the middle, and later filled with special sauces. These lemon tea button cookies are especially popular, they have been requested on many occasions!


Pound Cake

This poundcake is one of my favourite dense cakes. It’s really rich, moist and so flavourful! All it required was a little dusting of icing sugar as the cake itself is already very rich.


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