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Tres Leches Cake

Now this is a first!

For Americans/Canadians, this is probably a very common cake, but for us down-under, it’s very rare!

I for one have never heard of it, never seen it at restaurants or cafes, and no one I know has heard of this cake.

This was my first order through Neighbourly website, and they were game to try this cake they’ve heard so much about (I’m guessing they didn’t hear about it in NZ!)

For those like me who’s never heard of it, it means 3 milks cake, and the 3 milks consist of cream, evaporated milk and condensed milk.

The cake is drizzled and infused with the 3 milk and iced with chantilly, sounds indulgent or sinful? You decide 🙂

As strawberries were commonly used to decorate this cake, I’ve added them to the layers as well as used as topping – apparently the cake was a hit!


Victorian Sponge Cake

This is a very simple version of the Victorian Sponge cake. I made this a chocolate one, and just dusted this with patterned icing sugar. I used maple syrup and chocolate sauce for the filling, but only coz this was made in a rush, otherwise flavoured whipped cream would surely be used instead!

Also comes in original flavour, and coffee.

Victorian Sponge Cake

Victorian Sponge Cake

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